This is the stunning, first product in The Mindful Series™.

Introducing The Mindful Strategist™, an undated, 90 Day journal of daily mindful prompts designed to unlock greater inspiration and ingenuity in your strategic thinking at work.

The Mindful Strategist


Volume.1 of The Mindful Strategist

USA - $30.00

AU/NZ - US$20.00

Incorporating the principles of curiosity, reflection and noticing, this observation journal supports and encourages a daily heuristic habit of mindfulness.

The introductory pages will guide you on how to get the most from using The Mindful Strategist.

Each week starts with a guided Intention Setting exercise, focusing you on the most important goals and preparing your mindful mindset for the next seven days. The week unfolds with one daily mindful writing prompt, ranging from passive noticing exercises through to more active curiosity activities. Rounding out the week is a reflective observation prompt, and a reset of intentions for the week ahead.

After 90 days, with Quarterly Reflections, you’ll have the opportunity to look back and review what’s working, what you’d like to do differently, and acknowledge your progress.

The Mindful Strategist is not designed as a traditional date-book or productivity planner. There are no dates, check-lists, appointment reminders or time management tools included in this journal. Instead, we designed this as a guided observation experience, with dozens of different daily mindful writing prompts that encourage you to find space, often as little as 15-20 minutes per day, to be present, to ponder and to pause. 

Measuring 6” x 9” and structured to be lightweight for any on-the-go lifestyle, this is the strategic companion you need to activate new, mindful ways to unlock your strategic thinking.


  • 90 day undated edition 

  • Mindful mindset coaching

  • Weekly Intention & Reflection prompts

  • 6 mindful writing prompts per week

  • Inspirational quotes throughout 

  • Access to The Mindful Strategist community on Facebook

  • 128 full-colour pages

  • Undated – so you can start anytime



We are all Strategic

Everyone can benefit from daily, simple and surprisingly enriching habits that compound our impact as strategic and creative thinkers.


Practice over Process

It's easy for our thinking to get boxed in by process. A daily practice of guided reflection, noticing and curiosity can unlock more imaginative and inspired ways of approaching the craft of strategic planning.

The Mindful Strategist


The best strategists have a way of experiencing life and noticing the little things, the nuances fuel their insights. This practice is less skillset, more mindset.

Mindlessness is the application of yesterday’s
business solutions to today’s problems.
Mindfulness is being attune to today’s demands
to avoid tomorrow’s difficulties.
— Dr Ellen Langer