When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops.
But when you press the pause button on human beings, they start.
— Dov Siedman

We are for those who are exhausted from the relentlessness of corporate hustle culture, the always-on digital distractions and disruptions. These forces and dynamics mean that it has become increasingly difficult to be thoughtful, intentional and present enough to deliver our best work during normal working hours. Our health and creativity is suffering.

We are for those who believe that being mindful in the workplace is fundamentally important to the success of team dynamics, career progression, demonstrating leadership potential and the ability to consistently deliver breakthrough work.


We aren’t for time-management hustlers or hyper-productivity pursuits. We’re for people like you, professional thinkers, creators and makers that know the time spent reflecting, noticing, being curious, or simply switching off and ‘doing nothing’ is the source of inspiration, imagination and ingenuity.

We bring you the tools, products and classes to help you find these moments of pause in your work day. We want you to feel empowered to bring these mindful habits into your work, to create positive transformation in your professional performance and happiness in the workplace.



The act of writing with pencil and paper is scientifically proven to be calming and it increases neural activity in sections of the brain, similar to meditation. Writing by hand unleashes creativity not easily accessed in any other way. For real.



Our first product is a Planner for people who think for a living. (Yes, that’s you)

The Mindful Strategist acknowledges that we are all strategic, especially when it comes to creative problem-solving, navigating human interactions, delivering great experiences for clients or customers, building a business or planning to launch something new.


  • Take 15-20 minutes a day to press pause and focus on writing what you notice.

  • Inspire your work with new ways to think curiously and create mindfully.

  • Reflect on your observations, about yourself, your work and the human beings around you.

  • Think freely, without bias or constraints, to focus on the possibilities and positives.

  • Temporarily remove yourself from the endless digital distractions and practice new mindful heuristic habits.

  • Find your flow! Rediscover that which comes naturally to thinkers, creators and makers.