For anyone looking to breathe a little deeper and expand their awareness. This playlist is for noticing. We’ve curated songs filled with gentle, nature sounds and light instrumental tones. Put this on to create a space for observation.

Setting a calm, mellow mood for anyone looking to journal, act and move mindfully, or to simply re-group. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite soft songs that act as an invitation  to come back into your felt self. 

Up-beats, inviting us to shift our energy and express it externally. Yes, this means you have permission to let loose, even just for a few songs! Great for moving your body, car-singing, and anything that needs a dash of ebullience. 

Slow down, re-ground, and get your fill of  soothing voices and soft sounds with this playlist — made for writing sessions, rainy days, morning rituals, or anything that has to do with candle light.

For a bit of a bump, this playlist serves songs made for movement. Created for people who like lucid beats and feel-good tracks. Whether you’re at the gym, heading to work, or need to amp your vibe, we’ve got you covered.

Throw this on when your mind needs a creative boost or a brain-break. Great for impromptu dance sessions or when you’re in need of some dinner-prep tunes.  It’s always a bit of a wild card, so strap yourself in for the ride!

Cover photo by Benjamin Szabo on Unsplash