Bringing Something Different to the Table

Kai Exos is a writer, singer, musician, co-founder of music label VMP, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Isobar Canada, passionate space designer, and recently featured in The Financial Times on the Global Top Ethnic Role Models list. Canadian born, Kai has a truly global perspective, yet truly unique narrative. As you might expect, with such a diversely talented human, this conversation explores a lot of ground. Kai shares the inner workings of his mind, how writing grounds all of his work, the role of physical space in his creative process and, of course, music.

How Am I Serving Today?

Natalie Warner is the co-founder and Creative Director of Greene Street Juice Co, an organic cold pressed juice company, conceived in New York City and then brought to life in Melbourne, Australia. For Nat, the NYC lifestyle was about so much more than the daily grind; she discovered how to work to live, not live to work. It was in NYC that Natalie followed her heart, which led her away from her career as a lawyer, towards a more mindful experience of enriching her mind and spirit and a journey of study in yoga and integrative nutrition. During our discussion, we explore all the layers of how mindfulness has played a role in this journey, and has seen her organic cold pressed elixirs in the hands of celebrities and shared all over Australia.

Start By Unknowing What You Know

Philip McDougall is a creative director from New Zealand, now creating and making in Silicon Valley at the tech and engineering giant, Google. During our discussion, Philip opens up about the life-changing experience that prompted him to turn to mindfulness, positivity and the cartoon form of his 8 year old self. He shares how this unlocked new methods for active listening, creativity and inspiration in his creative career.

Looking Beyond The Obvious

Thinker, creator, and maker Matthew Knight shares his learnings from years as a hybrid strategist-creative and how he has given birth to scores of ideas that foster curiosity, community and creativity. Whether you're considering venturing out on your own, have a side hustle you'd like to breathe life into, or simply want to get the best work from your team, this conversation is rich with insight and practical advice.