Bringing Something Different to the Table

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My whole aim in life and the reason I do the things I do, and create the way that I do, is because I want to feel everything. I don’t want to search for happiness only. I think there are hundreds of different ways to feel about something, if not more, and I want to feel everything.
— Kai Exos

The Cipher in the Lyric with Kai Exos

Kai Exos is a writer, singer, musician, co-founder of music label VMP, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Isobar Canada, passionate space designer, and recently featured in The Financial Times on the Global Top Ethnic Role Models list. Canadian born, Kai has a truly global perspective, yet truly unique narrative. As you might expect, with such a diversely talented human, this conversation explores a lot of ground. Kai shares the inner workings of his mind, how writing grounds all of his work, the role of physical space in his creative process and, of course, music.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • Consistently practicing presence 

  • The music making process, both personally and professionally

  • Observation informing creation

  • Sharing an unpopular opinion 

  • Practicing authentic, active listening 

  • How emotions influence Kai’s decisions + EP inspiration 

  • Approaching questions from a multi-emotional perspective

  • Re-creating physical space for mental play 

  • Building a business with people who make you better 

  • Spatial design to encourage constructive communication and productivity 

  • Nurturing creativity within community 



Instagram : @kaiexos

Spotify : Listen to Kai's Music

LinkedIn : Kai Exos