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We do need to assume the best in people… this is especially true for students and young people. They are more in the moment than most of us.
— Colin Lieu

The Multitasking Yogi with Colin Lieu

Colin Lieu goes by the moniker 'The Multitasking Yogi' and his mission is to help young people realize their potential. With the support of community, his work makes the tools for self-regulation more accessible to children, especially in under-served communities in New York City. His work allows his students to feel connected and confident in themselves in order to navigate their unique path. Our discussion explores the role of mindfulness in helping children to self-regulate their behaviour and articulate their feelings, the lessons Colin has learned from working with these children, his book and other ways he's empowering children to use mindfulness in their day-to-day as well as why he calls himself a multitasking yogi.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • Letting your personal mindful practice emulate your energy in the workplace 

  • The importance of a daily practice 

  • Colin’s journey from marketing executive to the public school system as a yogi

  • Mindful tools for preschoolers 

  • Teaching body awareness to grade schoolers

  • Removing negative language and finding the reason behind a reaction 

  • Toxic stress triggered from the autonomic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze)

  • How the brain and breath work together

  • Lessons from Colin’s mindfulness picture book - a story about a boy of color 

  • The South Bronx and working in under-served communities 

  • Building relationships and creating safe containers through breath-work 

  • Teachings from a 10 year old - what we can learn from our children



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