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When I embody my values in my everyday life, things just flow.
— Natalie Warner

Our Natural State of Being with Natalie Warner

Natalie Warner is the co-founder and Creative Director of Greene Street Juice Co, an organic cold pressed juice company, conceived in New York City and then brought to life in Melbourne, Australia. For Nat, the NYC lifestyle was about so much more than the daily grind; she discovered how to work to live, not live to work. It was in NYC that Natalie followed her heart, which led her away from her career as a lawyer, towards a more mindful experience of enriching her mind and spirit and a journey of study in yoga and integrative nutrition. During our discussion, we explore all the layers of how mindfulness has played a role in this journey, and has seen her organic cold pressed elixirs in the hands of celebrities and shared all over Australia.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • The potency of a mindful transaction 

  • Finding fluidity in values between personal and work life 

  • Natalie’s journey from Lawyer to cold-pressed juice owner 

  • Personal transformations through Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Lessons learned while living and awakening in NYC

  • Going inwards in order to radiate + react outwards 

  • Energy, the metaphysical plane, and eye-opening experiences

  • Being guided by flow and fate 

  • Creating seamless collaborations with aligned soulpreneurs

  • Thoughts from a limitless being having a physical experience 

  • Finding purpose and acting in service 

  • Inspiration behind Greene Street Juice blends 

  • Being a vessel and receiving downloads 

  • Exploring creativity through pen + paper 

  • Reflective moments that spark magic 

  • Award-winning business visions 

  • Juice-blend recommendations for a busy mind



Instagram : @nat_warner

LinkedIn : Natalie Warner