Our Micro Moments of Mindfulness

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Our life is just a series of questions and answers.
— Marc Champagne

Mindful Fitness with Marc Champagne

Mindful Entrepreneur and co-founder of mindful writing app KYŌ, Marc Champagne, shares his perspectives on mindfulness at work, single-tasking and what he refers to as 'Mental Fitness'. I ask Marc about his views on the use of a phone and apps to stay mindful, how to minimize distractions and interruptions to a mindful practice. Together we explore how mindful writing can create a practice of awareness and intentional attention. We also delve into the role of mindfulness in entrepreneurship and fostering mindful teams.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • Shifting away from a multi-tasking mindset 

  • Pulling out of auto-pilot through micro moments of mindfulness

  • The Japanese cultural inspiration behind Marc’s company, KYŌ

  • Stimulating thoughtful reflection and release through journaling 

  • Visa denials and stories of re-shaping your outlook

  • Reframing mainstream narratives around writing 

  • The meaning behind the term ‘mental fitness’

  • Benefits of starting with a simple question 

  • Taking 15 minutes to redirect your day 

  • Using ‘space’ as a powerful creative tool 

  • How to stay present when journaling, while also using your smart phone

  • The positives of mindful inclusivity + accessibility through an app 

  • Reframing your relationship with technology

  • Acknowledging the fear of “missing out” and hiding notifications

  • Balancing work with mental wellness, both personally and collectively



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