Start By Unknowing What You Know

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For me, it all starts with pen on paper… it’s a release from a world that is ever glass-based.
— Philip McDougall

Notebooks & Dreams with Philip McDougall

Philip McDougall is a creative director from New Zealand, now creating and making in Silicon Valley at the tech and engineering giant, Google. During our discussion, Philip opens up about the life-changing experience that prompted him to turn to mindfulness, positivity and the cartoon form of his 8 year old self. He shares how this unlocked new methods for active listening, creativity and inspiration in his creative career.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • Being an anchor for the collective 

  • Childhood self-realizations around creativity 

  • Big dreams transforming into expanding realities

  • Why it’s important to read the paper and listen to your grade school art teacher

  • Creativity through a corporate lens: a way to serve commerce 

  • Telling your own story - drawing to make sense of your world

  • Retaining youthful wonder 

  • Stripping away ‘what you know’ in order to become who you are

  • Looking through the eyes of an 8 year old 

  • Mindful doodling and Philip’s journey with cancer

  • Visual diaries and focused drawing practices 

  • Forming creative habits for your health's sake 

  • Building strength through mindful repetition 

  • The process of finding your purest form

  • Communicating positivity through your art and actions 

  • Tactile nostalgia in a digital era 

  • Why it’s important to make work with your hands 

  • The power of pen and paper

  • Inviting pause with scented markers and unicorn planners 

  • You don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to make an art piece 

  • Making masterpieces from pizza boxes 

  • Unique creations from everyday objects 

  • Finding flow and letting to of judgement through repetition 

  • Sparking your subconscious and remembering memories (through doodles)

  • The power of a daily habit



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Twitter : @PeeBoy

LinkedIn : Philip McDougall