Looking Beyond The Obvious

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To me, mindfulness is about being able to be more aware of the things that are around you and taking an active decision about how you deal with them.
— Matthew Knight

Curiosity Projects, Mental Health and Community with Matthew Knight

Thinker, creator, and maker Matthew Knight shares his learnings from years as a hybrid strategist-creative and how he has given birth to scores of ideas that foster curiosity, community and creativity. Whether you're considering venturing out on your own, have a side hustle you'd like to breathe life into, or simply want to get the best work from your team, this conversation is rich with insight and practical advice.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • Industrialization skewing the concept of mindfulness

  • Letting go of what you cannot change and choosing to focus on what you can

  • Active awareness and mental prioritization 

  • The considerations of ‘going freelance’

  • Meditation as a grounding exercise 

  • Creating space through procrastination  

  • Social media vulnerability and its path to a passion project

  • Creating community around passion projects

  • Making work that aligns with what you love 

  • Allowing flow to be your engine for possibilities 

  • Freelancer mental health and how society can support the hidden dangers of the gig economy

  • Questioning what a Strategist is and what it means to be one 

  • 3 things to align in your life, in order to create your best work 

  • The birth of ‘Make Brave Happen’ as a mantra for Matthew

  • Encouraging and integrating curiosity

  • The power of ‘noticing’

  • Exercising idea generation and breaking through your conscious thought process

  • The importance of giving yourself time



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