Asking Yourself the Important Questions

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To the person doing the 9 to 5 - if that’s really not driving you - if that’s making the clouds around you grey, I highly suggest taking 3 days off to just chill with yourself. Write what you want.
— Oscar Bonilla Jr.

Designing A Self Notification with Oscar Bonilla Jr.

Oscar designed the Thinking Egg - the most successful mindfulness product on Kickstarter to date - as a way to remind himself to slow down and be more mindful. Now thousands of people around the world have the Thinking Egg in their pocket or home. In this episode, we cover the origins of his idea, the decisions he made about materials and getting his idea off the ground. Oscar shares his advice to anyone thinking about Kickstarter as a way to test and launch their mindfulness product idea and we trade thoughts on the state of mindfulness at work, and in schools.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • The origin story of the Thinking Egg - one of Kickstarter’s most successful wellness products

  • Reducing technology intake and creating mindful habits 

  • External issues prompting inner reflection

  • The art of forming a dialogue

  • Mindful design - when meaning matters more than aesthetic 

  • 3 reasons to crowdfund your ideas

  • Tips to stand out and get funded on Kickstarter 

  • Creating space for your ideas

  • Oscar’s advice for taking the leap from corporate to creative 

  • The importance of making mistakes along the way



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LinkedIn : Oscar Bonilla Jr.