Exercising Your Discomfort

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Exercise is being in discomfort. The body likes to be comfortable. To create change, we need to create discomfort. We have one body, and we want it to be well.
— Diana Tencic

Finding Your Joy In Movement with Diana Tencic

Diana isn’t the kind of health and fitness coach that is going to give you tough love to push you to your limits. She believes in listening to her client’s needs, accommodating her coaching to suit their lifestyle and above all, she believes in mindfulness, harmony and that ‘consistency leads to change’.

During our discussion, Diana explores her story and her mindful movement philosophy with me. We cover the importance of awareness and proprioception in fitness, her journey through cancer and an autoimmune condition and how that led her to being more mindful, Diana shares how she stays mindful while building her business BodybeWell, also while raising three children, and cooking up nutritionally dense recipes to share with her community.

This woman is all heart and her journey is full of challenges, learnings, and little pearls of wisdom. In the coming months, you can expect to see some exclusive Mindful Movement content from Diana for The Mindful community.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • Diana’s journey with breast cancer, mindfulness and reflecting to appreciate the process 

  • Creating a mindful support network 

  • Shifting your mind to shift your body 

  • Proprioception as a way of life 

  • Stress on a physical, mental and neurological level 

  • Exercising to build a strong, balanced body 

  • Bringing micro-mindful movements into your day

  • Finding flow and the movement styles you enjoy 

  • Quitting sugar and reigniting the flame for nutrition-conscious cooking

  • The science behind Nutella cravings

  • Creating space for healthy, healing habits 

  • Physiological effects of letter writing + journal prompts 

  • The art of (face to face) conversation



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Instagram : @bodybewell

Twitter : @bodybewell

LinkedIn : Diana Tencic