Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Everyday

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Do something out of your comfort zone everyday. The more variety of experiences you can have in your life, the more your mind has those node points in your brain to connect to in the future. It’s these experiences that build your cross-connection.
— Geetika Agrawal

Geetika Agrawal
Founder of Vacation With An Artist

In our first episode of the podcast, strategist and entrepreneur, Geetika Agrawal shares the story of how seeking mindfulness at work led her to take a remote year and to start her business, Vacation With An Artist. She shares her learnings and advice for staying curious, traveling mindfully and the power of adventures in the day-to-day.



Themes and Topics explored in this episode

  • Geetika’s business inspiration and what Vacation With An Artist platform offers

  • Creatively connecting with locals cross-culturally

  • Craving mindfulness in the workplace 

  • Reflections and 3 biggest life lessons from Remote Year as an Entrepreneur

  • Leaping into the unknown and allowing abundance

  • How to disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself 

  • Integrating realizations and lessons into day-to-day life

  • Weaving old work into something new

  • Advantages of multi-disciplinary thinking and how to unlock it within yourself

  • The growth that lies beyond your comfort zone

  • Setting boundaries and creating space for creativity 

  • Sleep and self care as a transformative foundation 

  • Journaling and why it’s important -- writing to remember

  • Expanding our awareness through rituals 

  • Learning from the music we listen to



Website : Geetika Agrawal

Twitter : @geetika896

LinkedIn : Geetika Agrawal