Call for Creatives!

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Are you passionate about using your voice to empower others? Are you interested in mindful living, holistic healing, conscious choices, somatics or self-care?

If so, you’re in the right place! We would love to hear what you have to say!

The Mindful__ is looking for writers who want to share their stories, ideas, and insights to the rest of our community. We want to create a safe, inclusive space where anyone can share their experiences, lessons, and revelations while getting support and feedback for doing so. So, if you’ve got a piece of writing you’ve been dying to share, or are simply looking for an excuse to sit down and share something about yourself, this is it!

A list of relevant topics we'd love to hear about:

- Self care, boundaries and healthy habits

- Purpose and growth

- Conscious living

- Meditation

- Mindfulness at work

- Inclusion and empowerment

- Intuitive creativity

Feel free to fill out the form below with any words (and accompanying imagery that you own) or questions you may have. Also, please note that submissions do not guarantee your content will be published. The Mindful__ retains editorial discretion.

We look forward to reading your insights and collaborating with you!

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