Serenading Spring

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The Spring Equinox signifies a time of rebirth and re-invigoration, inviting us into the light (literally) with newfound energy and aliveness. With the return of our sun comes longer, sun-filled days, more movement, and new beginnings — everything is finally in bloom!

Today, the Spring Equinox, we are reminded to create space, refresh, and allow ourselves to receive the new gifts of the season. For you, this could mean de-cluttering, reorganizing and simplifying your home and physical spaces — giving away old clothes you no longer wear, or taking your children's unused toys to a donation centre. Let more light in through your windows, allow the breeze to roll through. A clear space creates a clear mind!

Planting seeds, both physically and metaphorically, are great springtime practices. Consider looking up what plants, herbs, or flowers grow best in your area and finding a sunny spot to place some pots — kitchen windowsills work great for cooking herbs! As many studies have shown, there is a direct, positive correlation between plant care and mental health benefits. This means that while your space is being brightened with colourful, natural decor, you’re also improving your air quality, boosting your focus and connection, and reducing stress levels. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

This is the perfect time to sit with yourself, go inwards, and find your personal rebirth. Are you looking to transition into a new career, relocate, or leave a stagnant, toxic relationship? What is the pressing change you’ve wanted to make but have held onto through the slower seasons? Now is the time for release. Small changes, such as integrating a simple new morning practice, can be equally profound.

Regardless of the things you want to shift, it is essential to remember that focusing on the smaller, practical steps will get you to your goal quicker than simply dreaming of the end result. Find your end goal and reverse-engineer your pathway to achieve it.


Celebrate yourself with 20 minutes of daily meditation, take a hike in nature, cleanse your gut, spend time in the sun, and allow yourself to flow with the law of least effort. Journaling is a great way to spend time aligning with yourself, and the vision you have for your life.

Spring Equinox journal practice

Take a moment to sit with yourself in a comfortable, relaxing environment and run a body scan. This is simply an exercise of awareness — bringing your attention to your felt-self and physical experience. Where do you feel discomfort, what voices are taking up a little too much space in your head, what emotions have been occupying your heart-space? Give a voice to these sensations, documenting what you notice, writing as little or as much as you’d like.

Allow yourself to hold these prompts in your heart-space and then free-write your reflections:

What seeds (affirmations, activities, practices) within myself am I planting and nurturing?

What is no longer serving me?

What can I release or let go, to make space for new growth?

Written by Zoë Hernandez. Zoë is a process-oriented creative, passionate about the mind-body connection, questions, and compelling visual storytelling. She uses her background in somatic psychology and photography to understand, empathize, and create work that makes everyone feel like art.