Why Curiosity Matters

"Most of the breakthrough discoveries and remarkable inventions throughout history, from flints for starting a fire to self-driving cars, have something in common: They are the result of curiosity. The impulse to seek new information and experiences and explore novel possibilities is a basic human attribute."
(Source : Harvard Business Review)

In contrast, the same HBR deep dive into curiosity revealed that in a survey of 3,000 employees from a wide range of firms and industries, only about 24% reported feeling curious in their jobs on a regular basis, and about 70% said they face barriers to asking more questions at work.

Hold the phone. Let that sink in. If you've found your way here, chances are you're a professional thinker, creator or maker. You make a living from being curious, right? How would you answer the question in this survey? Let me ask it a different way, how often does your curiosity allow you to get away from your desk, away from your devices and to wander down a thought path that’s not an internet k-hole...

The internet is incredible - heck, it's delivering this blog post to you, so we love it! But, if you're exploring our site and considering how to bring a little more mindfulness into your life, chances are your digital distractions are reaching a point of saturation. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, our sense of curiosity is dampened by these distractions. 

This is why we created a physical printed planner. In a world full of apps, we've gone 100% analogue with the products planned for The Mindful Series. There's something uniquely human that happens when we are without devices, just with pencil and paper. It's not just anecdotal, science agrees.

How will you bring a little more curiosity into your day?

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