Our Cover

As I write, we are so close to being ready to open the doors and take pre-orders for The Mindful Strategist. After so many month of preparation, it feels a little surreal.

Our Mindful Design

The story behind our brand and our cover design is mindful (of course!).

The underscore in our brandmark rests quietly beside our brand name as a reminder to take pause. We exist to support your mindful practice, encourage you to take a beat, to intentionally create space in the day and then mindfully use the space you’ve created.

You’ll also notice we use a single dot (or circle), in various sizes, throughout our branding. To us, this is another way to signify creating space - finding the time to think, create or make - and also the act of recording what happens as you do this.

The tale of two covers

On Nov 1, we are launching with a limited time opportunity: the first few hundred orders will have the ability to choose between two covers. Why? Because at this early stage in our development, we’re curious to know which of these two covers will resonate with you the most. Whichever cover flies off the shelves the fastest, that will help us to decide which cover design will become the basis for future volumes and the rest of The Mindful Series.

The Mindful Strategist - Yellow Cover

The first design is yellow with a white circle, and comes in a matte laminate finish.

The matte finish means you might be able to write a personal mantra or quote inside the white circle on the front. We simply love the feel and texture of the matte cover. Our designer friends would vote for this one. But we are also curious to see how the matte cover wears with daily use, as it may be more easily marked or scuffed.

The Mindful Strategist - White Cover

The second design is white with a yellow circle, and comes in a gloss finish.

The back of this cover option is full yellow, and the gloss finish means this cover will be a little harder to mark or scuff. We love the clean simplicity of this cover design and we think it captures the eye and serves as a visual reminder to find space in the day.

Which do you prefer? Tell us with your order of the first edition of The Mindful Strategist!
We’ll keep you updated with the direction we take.