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Hello! Nice to see you here.

I’m Justine, strategist and founder of The Mindful Series. I tell the story of my journey into mindfulness in the first pages of our planners. You can also read my background on my website. But this is a slightly different story.

In 2014, I sold my thriving marketing agency in Australia, packed up and moved to New York City with my son. My reasons were many; I had always hoped to ‘do a stint’ in NYC, I had landed a decent job in an agency in Manhattan and I’d listened to Alicia Keys serenade me into it. Ha! Of course, there was more to it, but what got me here isn’t important. Once I found my feet in the bustle and hustle of the city that never sleeps, it hit me and hit me hard… this city never sleeps.

As a proud introvert, I wasn’t long into my career in Australia before I recognized that my best work was done when alone and I had time to think away from my desk. While I had kept a personal journal since high school, then found meditation and been a student of mindfulness in my personal life for a number of years, it wasn’t until I was in NYC that I started to piece all of this together.

When I visited NYC, I used to think the city was magical. There was a buzz, an energy that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Couple that with everything we see in movies and on television, it’s easy to be romanced by New York City.

Reality Check : the pace of New York City is like nothing else I’ve experienced on earth. That ‘energy’ I felt when I visited Manhattan? Yeah, that’s 9 million stressed people rushing to the next thing. That’s the vibe of an entire city moving at ten times the pace of anywhere else on the planet.

Honestly, it took me two years to find my groove in the city. I was exhausted most of the time. I felt like I couldn’t keep up. The number of people around and the demands of the day - it was utterly draining. I sensed my strategic work suffering - finding some time to just ‘stare out the window’ and think about a problem felt practically impossible.

In these moments, I began to lean in to meditation, journalling, walking in nature and finding time to just be. It was tough to make a habit of this, and I would often forget to do it. Sometimes weeks would go by without this intention of mindfulness and I’d fall into the hustle again, feeling drained and like I was caught in a rip. But on the days when I made space for a little mindfulness, my work felt easier, my thinking was more inspired and I was able to find that sense of ‘flow’ that I’d been missing since leaving Australia.

The ‘observation journalling’ I did at work was enlightening. I found new ways to think about problems, approach situations with my team, or discuss my recommendations with clients. After so many years of journalling about my personal life - working through any issues and situations with reflective, unstructured writing - I honestly don’t know what took me so long to apply it to my work!

Introducing the mindful

The Mindful Strategist was the only thing I had planned on launching initially. As I’ve shared my intentions with more people, I’ve discovered that a great number of you are interested in how to be more mindful at work, and more mindful with your work. So the hope is that this will become a series, with planners and mindful products for all kinds of thinkers, creators and makers.

I can’t wait to share this next chapter in the journey with you. I hope these planners will help you to unlock your best work, create a daily habit of mindful intention and find the space to think, create and make at your own pace.

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Also, welcome to our journal! We’ll update this blog with regular doses of mindful inspiration and news. Got an idea for a guest post? Hit me up via DM or the contact page.

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